Contributor profile: Nick Shepheard

Nick has a wealth of business experience and was introduced to us via Tom Nixon of NixonMcInnes during last year’s FuseBoxAmp pilot. Participant feedback clearly identified Nick as one of the stand-out contributors. Here’s Nick’s LinkedIn biog: I stumbled into the worlds of leadership and turnaround after cutting my management teeth over ten years at … [Read more...]

Introduction to lean start-ups and minimum viable product

References from today’s session: Liminal state = learning how to learn and be present; Getting outside and being part of a team that discovers a market. (Needs, empathy, insight). Marc Andreesen: Product, team, market Rachleff’s Corollary of Startup Success: The only thing that matters is getting to product/market fit. Four steps to Epiphany (Steve … [Read more...]

Contributor profile: Mark Irwin

Mark Irwin is Assistant Principal (Higher Education & Quality) at BIMM, The Brighton Institute of Modern Music. With over 18 years experience as a Freelance Sound Engineer and Producer, working across all areas of the discipline from live and broadcast audio to studio and post-production projects. Mark cut his teeth ‘on the road’, as an audio … [Read more...]

Introduction to the Lean Canvas with Arjo Ghosh

Arjo Ghosh joins us on Friday 16 May at 11am to provide a session on the Lean Canvas which will introduce you to the process of business model generation. He’ll provide definitions, examples and expert insights into creating business models, and identifying your unique value propositions in plain English to help you focus and get … [Read more...]

Contributor profile: Arjo Ghosh

Arjo is an internet entrepreneur and non-executive interested in digital communications, leadership, education, start-ups, and the creative sectors. He founded the Brighton-based digital marketing company Spannerworks in 1997 which was bought by iCrossing in 2007 to become the world’s largest independent digital agency with a turnover in excess of $100m; its now part of the … [Read more...]

Draw: with Jake Spicer

Monday 12 May we have an outing to artist Jake Spicer’s studio in New England House. Jake’s very kindly running a session for us on life drawing. He’s been briefed to help you explore the separation between you and your business idea through drawing. More about Jake.

Begin Anywhere

Designer Bruce Mau encourages us to forget about the end result and focus on the creative process in his Incomplete Manifesto for Growth.  Similarly, avoiding paralysis by not knowing where to start he adopts John Cage’s call to action, Begin Anywhere. FuseBox24 as a research project has begun. RCUK through Digital Economy Hubs and the AHRC … [Read more...]