Pecha Kucha #1 reflection

What a brilliant afternoon! Having seen 12 tremendous presentations, we now switch to reflecting on them in order to give and receive feedback at our first group check-in after the bank holiday weekend on tuesday at 9.30 am. If you can’t make it please email Rosalie before tuesday. The task for the weekend: Identify one … [Read more...]

Art of the Start

This afternoon Antony Mayfield kindly joined us to say hello and share a taster of his innovator journey. Antony is CEO of digital strategy agency Brilliant Noise and he’s part of the FuseBox Knowledge Exchange Project Research Advisory Group. He’ll be back in again soon. Antony mentioned Guy Kawasaki’s great read for anyone starting anything: The … [Read more...]

Pecha Kucha # 1 Innovators’ Brief

What In a two and half hour session we’ll share our Pecha Kucha format presentations which are stories about you and your business ideas at this moment in time. We’ll have drinks after the presentations. How 20 visuals delivered in 20 seconds each. There’ll be a hard clock (thanks Mick) at the end so no more than 6 … [Read more...]