Brief: Pecha Kucha III

To consolidate your learnings and progress the following brief requires you to reflect on and share your development with the group this coming Friday 5 September. The presentations/performances are scheduled between 10.30 am to 12-30pm.

Consider what you have learned over the last ten weeks of the Iterations phase specifically about:
A) your business model
B) your product/service
C) your customers
D) your team

Consider visuals that tell the story of your learnings and how this can be coherently developed with your emerging brand. Please consider how to highlight and describe major insights, particularly those that have led to mutations or pivots.

As ever 20 visuals, 20 seconds each totals 6 mins and 40 secs. Feedback will be captured and shared a week today. For those with multiple team members joint presentations are encouraged, particularly as articulation will be considered as part of the feedback process.