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Introduction to lean start-ups and minimum viable product

References from today’s session: Liminal state = learning how to learn and be present; Getting outside and being part of a team that discovers a market. (Needs, empathy, insight). Marc Andreesen: Product, team, market Rachleff’s Corollary of Startup Success: The only thing that matters is getting to product/market fit. Four steps to Epiphany (Steve … [Read more...]

Introduction to the Lean Canvas with Arjo Ghosh

Arjo Ghosh joins us on Friday 16 May at 11am to provide a session on the Lean Canvas which will introduce you to the process of business model generation. He’ll provide definitions, examples and expert insights into creating business models, and identifying your unique value propositions in plain English to help you focus and get … [Read more...]

What “languages” do you speak?

We’re doing lots of learning here in the Fusebox. This poem reminds me of how we have access to so many different languages of learning, and how we can discover and recover these. One of the most profound poems I know of. It also points towards how natural it is to see the rainbow of possibilities in every moment, and … [Read more...]

Art of the Start

This afternoon Antony Mayfield kindly joined us to say hello and share a taster of his innovator journey. Antony is CEO of digital strategy agency Brilliant Noise and he’s part of the FuseBox Knowledge Exchange Project Research Advisory Group. He’ll be back in again soon. Antony mentioned Guy Kawasaki’s great read for anyone starting anything: The … [Read more...]