Introduction to the Lean Canvas with Arjo Ghosh

Arjo Ghosh joins us on Friday 16 May at 11am to provide a session on the Lean Canvas which will introduce you to the process of business model generation. He’ll provide definitions, examples and expert insights into creating business models, and identifying your unique value propositions in plain English to help you focus and get … [Read more...]

Draw: with Jake Spicer

Monday 12 May we have an outing to artist Jake Spicer’s studio in New England House. Jake’s very kindly running a session for us on life drawing. He’s been briefed to help you explore the separation between you and your business idea through drawing. More about Jake.

Hack weekend – when long run views collide

Isn’t it odd that while most of our biggest challenges are intergenerational – resource scarcity, climate change, growing population – young people are marginalised from the debate and decisions taken by policy makers and big business today. Stranger still? The Millenial Generation have the imagination, values and skills to turn these challenges into opportunities. They … [Read more...]

Pecha Kucha #1 reflection

What a brilliant afternoon! Having seen 12 tremendous presentations, we now switch to reflecting on them in order to give and receive feedback at our first group check-in after the bank holiday weekend on tuesday at 9.30 am. If you can’t make it please email Rosalie before tuesday. The task for the weekend: Identify one … [Read more...]

Pecha Kucha # 1 Innovators’ Brief

What In a two and half hour session we’ll share our Pecha Kucha format presentations which are stories about you and your business ideas at this moment in time. We’ll have drinks after the presentations. How 20 visuals delivered in 20 seconds each. There’ll be a hard clock (thanks Mick) at the end so no more than 6 … [Read more...]

Welcome Innovators!

A big welcome to the innovators joining the first FuseBox24 programme. This week we’ll be immersing you in the programme, helping you to get to know us the Wired Sussex team and help you settle in to the FuseBox.