Metta Eggs FAQs (v 2)


I just don’t understand what it is? 

Metta Eggs help people socially share meaningful messages at key moments in life – full of love, kindness, humour and respect. We gather them via a simple, easy, personalised webpage with bespoke photos and words. The messages go inside handmade clay eggs, nested into a beautiful box and delivered before or after a special occasion.

Try our free virtual egg first, and send a message to a friend. That will give you a taste of it. And look at the sample webpage and others photos of what we deliver, and what people. Our customers say it’s as good to give as receive.

Call for a 10 minute consultation to explain how Metta Eggs can help you bring lasting delight to someone in your world.

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I like it but I can’t afford it

You can try it for free first, with our virtual version.

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If you buy one, you can have one free

Thanks to donations, we can supply Metta Eggs by donation (recommended £50) for people who are very ill, very elderly or dying.

If you want to share it with someone influential.

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Sounds a bit sentimental for me. Who really wants to hear / say that stuff?

Actually, to be honest, who doesn’t, really. We might feel a bit (or even very) awkward at first, but we’re yet to meet someone who actually doesn’t want to hear it.

We make it easy for people to find their own words. We have over  20 years experience in facilitating communication, and 3 years refining the Metta Eggs experience.

It can be whatever you want. Some people write really funny messages, some are more profound. We can set up your project with whatever tone of voice feels right to you, on behalf of who’s receiving it.


It seems a shame to break the beautiful eggs…

Then how are you going to make an omelette? Sorry. The egg jokes abound here. Get the yoke!

But seriously, people tell us that breaking open the egg reminds them of how fragile life is. It symbolises renewal, the great cycle of life, endings and beginnings, and the potential inside every moment and person. If you commission the seed version, your friend might be growing rocket from the “shell” for years to come.

Think of it as an invitation to participate in a ritual. We have few enough left in life.

You get to keep the box and the messages. People reopen them again and again. Later on we will invite you to receive your messages renewed, in keepsake form and other innovative new products and services so you can cherish them in a new way.


How is it different to an e-card? Or greeting card.

We facilitate….


Why is it so expensive?


What happens if (the recipient) doesn’t like it?


What happens if someone puts a nasty message in?

It hasn’t happened yet. We screen messages, just in case.


Can’t I just have the messages without the eggs


Can I have a different box


I don’t know how to break the eggs


Sounds like too much work?


Makes me feel physically ill to imagine people saying that stuff


He/she doesn’t like seeds / glitter