MumPower FAQs

From Mums

What type of work would I be doing?

All work is remote based so you can work from home. We’re focusing on task based work that can fit around your schedule. For example carrying out web research or helping write professional reports. At the moment we are working with our mums to determine exactly what type of tasks fit the MumPower workforce.

How much work would be available?

At the moment we cannot guarantee a certain number of hours a week. We are limiting the number of mums signed up to the service to try and make sure we can provide some hours to those already signup up.

What happens if I can’t complete a task?

If you are unable to complete a task within the agreed deadline you should let us know as soon as possible. Depending on the task we will either arrange for the remaining work to be passed to a new worker and have a new worker begin the task from the beginning. If we are able to use your work in the final deliverable then you will be paid for your time spent.

What much will I be paid?

Jobs are carried out at hourly rates depending on your experience and the job undertaken. We are committed to never taking on work that pays you lower than the national living wage (currently £7.65 an hour).

From Businesses

Who employs the worker, me or you?

You enter in to a direct service contract with the worker carrying out the work. The worker is responsible for their own tax affairs.

Do I take on any liability by employing a worker?

The relationship between you and the mum is the same as you and a self-employed contractor. You typically do not need employers liability insurance but you should understand the general implications of employing a freelancer.

How much does it cost?

Costs will vary on a job to job basis. We are committed to never taking on work that pays lower than the national living wage so the minimum hourly rate is currently £9.00 per hour.

What commission do you take?

A service fee of 15% is paid by the worker on all work carried out. The rate you are quoted includes this charge so there aren’t any hidden costs.

Why shouldn’t I just employ the PowerMum directly and cut you out?

You can if this makes sense for both you and PowerMum. We think we provide a valuable, cost effective service to our PowerMums and businesses but you can setup your own arrangement outside of MumPower.

Can I see a CV of the mum?
Yes, once we understand your project goals. Once we find a mum appropriate for your needs we will arrange for you to speak with her on the phone and if necessary send you a copy of their CV